Angel Capital Summit 2021

The Angel Capital Summit brings together investors, pitching companies and thought leaders. Angel Capital Summit is focused on early stage companies who are best suited for seed round investments. We have resources for new and experienced angels alike. If you are interested in either side of the private equity table, you should be involved in this event.

Before the Event

A team of reviewers pore over hundreds of the best business plans recruited throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. The finalists are notified and assigned experienced Pitch Coaches who meet with entrepreneurs and provide help with messaging, strategy and presentation to make sure that the pitches are purposeful, entertaining, clear and effective. Each entrepreneur then has an opportunity to present their pitch before our panel of expert coaches to receive live feedback. It’s amazing to see how the pitches improve as they go through the process.

The Pitches

There will be 5 minutes pitches, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A with the audience.  The pitches are interactive with audience feedback on the quality of the deal, the management team, market opportunity and the pitch itself. Entrepreneurs receive instant feedback to let them know their strengths and areas for development.

Investor Forum Angel Groups

After the pitches have all been presented, the “All Investor Forum” convene to discuss what they have seen and determine which companies are interesting and worthy of proceeding with due diligence. The investor community may then gather together in a syndicate to invest in an opportunity, or make individual investments to meet their own needs and interests.

The Investor Forum is limited to Accredited Investors only.

What is Angel Investing?

Angel investors are high net worth individuals, or “accredited investors” with a net worth over $1 million who choose to make “alternative investments” in early stage companies.  Angels typically invest in local companies within 100 miles of their home or office.  Angel investors look for investments that make 10x their investment over a typical period of five years.  In return for taking risks on early stage companies, Angel Investors who invest with Angel Groups and have a balanced portfolio of several angel investments are making an average return of over 27% on their investments – on par or better than many Venture Capital funds.  The Angel Capital Summit is a celebration of Angel Investing and the full day of Angel Workshops make it a great place to start with Angel Investing.

RVC Angel Groups meet monthly to collaborate and discuss investment opportunities.  RVC does not require that anyone invest in any deal – all decisions are up to the individual.  Our goal is to create a community of people who want to make great investments and have fun while doing it – but most of all to be SMART about how investments are made.