Angel Capital Summit 2013 Finalist Companies


These 26 companies have proved that they are ready for angel investment. We’ve seen the deck, we’ve discussed the deal, and they are ready to pitch to investors!

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These companies will pitch to investors on March 20th


Company name Description
BioCare BioCare develops infrared therapy devices to accelerate tissue healing of sprains, strains and fractures. We are initiating a trial showing reversal of TBI/concussion based on successful patient experience. Our FDA cleared products treat conditions representing a $40 billion market. Our 2-tiered market strategy is already selling to elite athletes in Olympic, Pro, and Div-I programs, with an FDA-reviewed clinical plan leading to reimbursement. The company is queued up for immediate sales.
BrightSpace Technologies BrightSpace Technologies targets #1 demand of the top energy consumer: Lighting in Commercial Buildings. Instead of PV & LED’s (only 5% aggregate efficiency!), we utilize fiber-optic cables to route the sunlight within the structure, with retrofit ‘Hybrid’ luminaries that share electric LED’s to compensate when solar resources diminish. IR is stripped off to reduce heat-gain while uniquely driving special CPV cells, to simultaneously “co-generate” electricity while daylighting interiors.
CampuScene is a one-of-a-kind analytics platform for colleges and universities to evaluate their applicants on a much more holistic level than an academic transcript alone can provide. We’re building a proprietary dataset of tracked applicant behavior that allows us to analyze an applicants “cultural fit,” and predict their likelihood of enrolling and graduating at a given school. Adding these new metrics to the admissions process will reduce recruitment costs, produce better outcomes, and save colleges millions of dollars per year through reduced student attrition.
Canvasback Canvasback Enterprises LLC has developed the Automatic Defendant Locator System (ADLS). Our system utilizes smart location technology integrated with offender and business enterprise software to mitigate risks associated with criminal offender management. Our solution is designed to effectively bridge the public and private partnerships that are essential to the responsible administration of the United States Justice System.
Clear River Enviro, LLC CRE is the maker of Pharma Drain, a water purifier for the drain rather than the faucet. It neutralizes the active compounds in unused medications so they can be flushed without polluting our water supplies. Pharmaceutical Waste Management is a highly regulated industry that is resource intensive (people and dollars). Satisfying the requirements of the multiple regulatory bodies involved is complex and costly and still doesn’t protect our water supplies from the majority of drugs discarded.
GeoSales OnDemand GeoSales Helps Organizations Analyze, Map, Model & Visualize Marketing, Sales and Customer Big Data to Dramatically Improve Sales. GeoSales helps mid to large organizations analyze, map and model marketing, sales and customer data more effectively with our geo-spatial mapping software-as-a-service. We impact top-line revenue productivity by up to 50% by providing marketing and sales individuals, teams and managers better data driven decision tools while reducing the time and costs on core marketing and selling activities.
Infinite Buyer Inc. An early stage company, Infinite Buyer is the first “C2B” social commerce platform in existence, where consumers have more control and greater leverage of their personal buying process. In today’s world, the consumer has far more access to information on both goods and services that they want to purchase. We provide a venue for consumers to purchase those goods and services, at a price they are willing to pay, when they want these items. Infinite Buyer lead the “Intention Economy”!
Makeena makeena is an aggregator of natural product brand coupons and savings for shoppers. For brands and retailers, makeena is the provider of a means to interact with the shoppers at point-of-purchase in-store, as well as a way to track shopper behavior.
MobileIgniter MobileIgniter is a mobile app creation platform. We allow fast & easy creation of mobile apps, without writing any code. With MobileIgniter apps can be created and shipped in hours, versus weeks or months of traditional development. MobileIgniter’s platform produces apps, but we do not sell apps directly. Rather we supply infrastructure for partners wishing to deploy dozens or hundreds of applications. Our platform enables our customer’s mobile strategy.
Monitor My Meds It is a reminder/monitoring program for caretakers of our seniors. It helps avoid costly and unneeded medical treatment such as $300 Billion for medication non-adherence and is part of the aging-in-place market estimated to be $20 Billion by the end of the decade. Solutions like on-site nursing, on-site family, or admission to a facility that can monitor seniors are expensive. Our program is inexpensive, easy to use, uses the phone to call seniors with personal messages and alerts caregivers.
Cloud Line Cloud Line is a new venture being formed to deliver network and data security as a service to small and mid-sized businesses. As SMBs adopt Cloud services, the traditional hardware security appliance is becoming obsolete. NewCo will establish early mover advantage by providing network security as a value-added service by internet service providers and Telco carriers. We have a unique technical strategy and business model that can delivery extraordinary returns with minimal investment risk.
MedSecure MedSecure Teleservices provides physicians, healthcare systems and insurance providers with an evolutionary technology platform to manage their after hours patient care. The MedSecure platform allows patients to control the request for after hours consultation with their physician and gives the physician unprecedented control over how the notifications are received and followed up on. The platform is deployed via the traditional web, mobile web and mobile app.
Peak Apps Every day, millions of people lose time on meetings — from poor planning, weak procedures, spotty follow-up, too many meetings, etc. And companies rarely understand what’s gone wrong or how to improve things. PeakApps changes all that with a web app that brings structure and accountability to planning and managing meetings. This goes way beyond merely setting an agenda, providing guidance that improves focus, streamlines processes, and provides a qualitative rating on meeting effectiveness.
Peak Heart Peak Heart services cardiac pacemakers to improve patient safety, health, & happiness. Peak Heart exists because there is a significant ($750K-$1B) US market servicing these devices. Peak Heart was conceived by a prominent cardiologist to replace the manufacturers as the providers of these mandatory services on a for-charge basis. Peak Heart has performed more than 1,500 services on Medtronic & Boston Scientific devices in 3 states, is operating profitably & is ready for explosive growth.
Rate Pilot Rate Pilot, Inc.Our online universal loan profile matches borrowers and lenders. It is similar to or but it is for business loans. is a universal, online loan package that can be continuously updated. Borrowers and lenders are matched based on objective measures, such as ratios, without revealing their identity until terms have been agreed upon. Our secure workroom facilitates the underwriting process with secure document sharing, communications and task management. We collect a service fee each time a transaction closes.
Secure Outcomes Secure Outcomes does one thing and one thing only. We build the best and most cost effective electronic forensic livescan fingerprinting systems in the world. Our systems are small and compact, very capable, and they collect, archive, and transmit forensic fingerprint and palm print information easily and reliably. They are a pleasure to use.
Sneakz Sneakz is a line of tasty and convenient foods and beverages that enables healthy moms to ‘sneak’ vegetables into their children’s diets. Sneakz addresses a growing consumer need for vegetable nutrition; currently, 75% of American children do not receive their recommended daily servings of vegetables. The first products are flavored milk drinks with a full serving of vegetables, deliciously disguised. The founders have extensive industry experience with food & beverage brands, big and small.
Solid Power Solid Power is developing inherently safe, ultra high energy all solid-state rechargeable batteries. Solid Power is a spin-out of the University of Colorado. Our all solid-state rechargeable batteries possess a specific energy that is 2-3X greater than conventional lithium-ion while also virtually eliminating all safety concerns that are typically associated with lithium-ion.
Swift Tram Inc. Swift will manufacture the world’s most energy efficient and cost effective high-speed, automated people movers. Our overhead suspended coach technology installs faster and with less environmental impact in congested population regions, while providing high capacity. We are in evaluation with the Denver airport, Colorado DOT I-70 mountain corridor, and others for installations post-2016. All equity funds will be used to develop product and set up manufacturing. Project debt funds growth.
Tagwhat Tagwhat is time and location-targeted messaging for business. Tagwhat has an iPhone and Android app available for download. The best way to describe where we are headed is with an example. A Facebook post from the donut shop next door: “We’re closing early today, 2-for-1 donuts until 2pm!” Tagwhat automatically identifies this actionable post and pushes it to your mobile or desktop. No friending, searching, or salesforce was required to find and deliver this offer.
Tentiko is the place to discover, book and host local, authentic experiences – an ‘Etsy for experiences’. Tentiko’s strength lies in a scalable business that honors the handpicked, local, experience-driven lifestyle.
TrekPak TrekPak has developed an innovative padded divider system for organizing and protecting equipment in a variety of cases and bags. Its unique design is more versatile, durable and easier to use than systems currently on the market. The TrekPak system is applicable to a variety of markets including photography, cinematography, overland, scuba and military. Any industry that needs to organize, protect and transport sensitive gear can benefit from the limitless customization of the TrekPak system.
Vokl Vokl, a Denver based startup, addresses the “dumbphone problem.” Walk into a Target, GAP or Walgreens and try to use your smartphone to engage with that business. Your smartphone is dumb as a banana. Vokl provides businesses and consumers with what they need to turn dumbphones into smartphones and help retail businesses and their customers communicate and do business together.
Weathercloud, Inc. Based on a set of technologies licensed from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), WeatherCloud connects with cars and trucks and combines vehicle system and environmental sensor data with a finely tuned Cloud-based meteorology model to predict road weather conditions such as black ice, freezing rain, sleet, fog, and crosswinds. We intend to deliver a hazard warning system to drivers through onboard telematics and mobile phone apps.
Willowcroft Pharm Willowcroft Pharm LLC, over the past 10 years, has developed a market disruptive veterinarian drug that halts the deadly process of acute Laminitis in horses. LAMINIL is revolutionary and the first such drug in the world. In addition to the horse market around the world, LAMINIL has huge implications in treating Laminitis in cows, sheep and goats. Granted MUMS approval by the FDA 2012, awaiting Designation Status Q1 2013. Horse market alone represents over $50M gross revenue end of year three.
Valid Eval Businesses, municipalities, and foundations have to choose the “best one” from a pool of many. Our tools make expertise visible, enhance learning, and improve performance quality so that selections and decisions are easier and highly documented.