Meet the ACS 2019 Companies!

is a specialized SaaS business offering bar inventory technology & add-on services to bars and other on-premise establishments in the hospitality industry. Our nationwide clients use Bar-i to save time and increase profitability using our 4 service levels.
Buderflys bridges the gap between professional, custom molded earbuds ($600+ price point) and today’s hard inflexible consumer wireless earbud (Price point $150+). Seamlessly connecting people to the amazing world of digital music and content. Buderflys is disrupting the earbud industry one sore ear at a time, by designing the world’s first perfect fitting earbud.
CareApp (Syndicate Deal from Australia) builds communities around the elderly by instantly connecting carers, services providers and their families, providing seamless communication. It increases efficiencies in service delivery and improves wellbeing for the elderly.

Career Allies
 is revolutionizing parental leave in the workplace. Through a web based platform, our process guides employees and companies through a research based, aptitude inclusive approach to retention, engagement and effective transitions. Ensuring organizations reduce turnover, attract new workforce generations, support managers and sustain a respectful and effective process for parental leaves through an easy to use SaaS platform (TiLT- Talent in Leave Technology).

Cerahelix (Syndicate Deal from HydroVenture Partners)
 used nanotechnology to create a new class of ceramic filters. Our patented Picofiltration technology provides an efficient water recycling solution for challenging industrial process conditions. Cost savings include less down time, decreased energy consumption, and higher water recovery. Our durable PicoHelix filter has broad applications across multiple industries that are seeking to reduce their carbon and water footprints.
Cliexa is a leading provider of chronic care management products and services that enable patients to track their chronic disease activity with clinically-proven and scientifically-tested scoring models. We partner with our clients to bridge the gap with patients and clinicians to ensure the highest quality of care in the most efficient manner possible. cliexa provides specialized platforms for varying chronic care conditions to better suit each patient in their journey towards an improved lifestyle.
Eye Flite develops hands-free control software with wide applications to the healthcare industry. Eyeflite’s entry market targets people with movement disabilities, enabling them to control technology and communicate through augmented and virtual reality.


Holton is a direct to consumer apparel brand exclusively for bigger men focused on delivering modern essential to an underserved market through our unique approach to fit. Holton solves a real problem bigger men have by creating properly fitting clothes for different body shapes. By focusing on fit first, Holton is differentiating itself within the apparel landscape with a deliberate focus on community and brand.


Kickfurther is the world’s first inventory crowdfunding marketplace. On Kickfurther anyone can support the growth of brands they love by funding the inventory brands want to sell. When the brands sell the inventory they pay Kickfurther’s community of buyers back with profit!


ProfitMole helps turn 1 Digital Marketer into 10. Billions of advertising dollars are wasted every year because there’s a disconnect between business intelligence software designed for Management, and tools designed for Digital Marketers. ProfitMole is poised to fill the gap. We help Management see an unbiased overview of performance to confidently invest in growth. We help Digital Marketers be recognized for their contribution to the bottom line and simplify their workflows to be efficient with their time and effective with their actions.


Signal HQ is the ultimate decision engine for B2B sales and marketing. We strive to systematically answer the most important question sellers and marketers must ask themselves: “Of all the companies I could contact, which ones should I contact now and why?” Built by sales leaders and operators who faced this challenge ourselves, our platform organizes, visualizes, and proactively delivers valuable company-level intelligence to managers and the frontline so they can make smarter decisions about where there time is spent, and intercept companies earlier in their buying cycle.

SunState Labs (Dazz)
 has created a solution to the wasteful and costly practice of Use-and-Discard that has defined the household cleaning industry for generations. Consumers can safely and easily make high quality cleaners at home by adding DAZZ Cleaning Tablets to any spray bottle filled with plain tap water. Unlike traditional Ready-to-Use cleaners, DAZZ costs up to 75% less, eliminates plastic waste, and outperforms the leading brands. 

 simplifies AI training. We are a human-in-the-loop AI platform that provides step by step guided data tagging exercises which allows companies to manage the feedback loop to improve and personalize their customers’ experiences at every touch point.

Inc.’s Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHTTM), a new, patented, and FDA-510K-cleared technology, represents a breakthrough in treating 7 different types of skin wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and pressure ulcers (bed sores). Real world data from observational studies show that VHT can heal 90.7% of DFUs that had previously resisted standard wound care treatment, and at much lower cost than less-effective methods. 
ToMarket is the platform to connect distributors, farmers, and chefs all in one place, cutting down on $55B in food waste around the country with a frictionless ordering platform.