The ACS 2019 Companies Will Be Announced in March 2019. Here are last year’s presenters:

Bitsbox aims to be the friendliest way for kids to learn to become programmers—even if they want to be doctors, firefighters, or fairy princesses when they grow up. Learning to code is just like learning any other language; the earlier you start, the easier it is. Kids can use Bitsbox as soon as they can read and write.
Change Finance is a 21st century financial company built to meet the growing demand for impact investing products in public markets from women, millennials, and change activists. The company designs and builds impact-focused, performance-oriented exchange-traded funds (ETFs) designed to drive social and environmental justice through investment. We believe in harnessing the power of capital markets to move billions of dollars from companies that harm to those that heal – changing the world for the better – one investment at a time. To that end, Change Finance got to work in the summer of 2016, and successfully launched its first product in 2017.
CurvaFix- A Frontier Angels Syndication Company
CurvaFix® Rodscrew is the first and only orthopedic implant that follows natural bone curvature and fills space within bone to speed recovery, shorten surgery, and reduce cost for pelvic fracture fixation, a $600M WW market.
  Goally is a behavioral health startup working on empowering kids with developmental disabilities like ADHD and autism to be more independent. Goally consists of a physical device owned by the child, and a companion app for parents. Our software as a service use AI to provide parents with customized programs for their child, and data & reporting to help both parents and therapists. We also provide access to a therapist to help guide the parents.
Health Sqyre is the only e-commerce company that allows patients to buy medical supplies online using their insurance. Our shopping tools empower patients to compare product pricing using their insurance with real-time, transparency of their deductibles, co-insurance rates, and out-of-pocket maximums to make informed buying decisions saving the patients time and money. Additionally, our platform will provide efficiency solutions to the interoperability and supply-chain problems experienced by providers, health systems, and payers.
Growers Organic: Since 2005, our team at Grower’s Organic has provided the highest quality organic produce from local and regional farmers. This passionate group has been collectively distributing organic foods in the Denver area for over 20 years. Our team is hands-on, both in our excellent customer service and in our experience with working on or even owning organic farms. One of our founders, Brian Freeman, was a pioneer of the farm-to-table movement by connecting chefs with farms when he worked with Green Earth Farm at local farmer’s markets in the 90’s. Our other team members own farms, work on farms and have worked with farmers since the 80’s.
Kokopelli Packraft specializes in designing and creating the world’s lightest packable inflatable kayaks. Over the past 3 years our products have been awarded and recognized worldwide by industry leading publications and organizations. Kokopelli Packraft offers 5 packraft models ranging from one to two person and weighing between 4-13 pounds. The company has retail distribution in 12 countries and seeks to further develop these markets. Our vision is to be the most recognized brand in the packraft industry worldwide.
 Meow Wolf (A New Mexico Angels Company) is the most exciting new company in the rapidly growing themed entertainment industry. Meow Wolf began as an art collective in 2008 and has grown into a wildly successful certified B-corporation ready to take on the world— creating unforgettable, imaginative experiences that surprise and delight audiences of all ages. They are launching a Denver location in 2020.
  Microlyze is a digital biotech company that will provide consumers and utilities actionable data about one of the world’s most vital natural resources, water. Microlyze is committed to empowering water utilities to better provide the public with safe drinking water. A key to better water lies in the understanding of what’s coming out of each and every tap. Finding sites of concern before they become a crisis is imperative. Microlyze shows utilities where to focus their attention, neighborhood by neighborhood by providing a cost effective, simple, hassle-free way of mass-collecting and harnessing the crucial information streaming from taps. The smartphone-enabled Waterlyzer is the first on-demand, from the source testing device that provides real results in real-time about the water consumed in the home. Microlyze will provide new actionable data on public drinking water. Consumers discover what they’re drinking. Communities uncover potential threats. Utilities act before an incident becomes an outbreak.
OurFood (A 3 Lines Venture Fund Syndication Company)- is an agricultural commodity sourcing partner for bulk buyers in India. They streamline the supply-chain market by helping micro-farmers facilitate early value addition through inexpensive processing equipment.
QalibreMD’s products are more than just phantoms. Our standards provide a ground truth baseline for measuring quantitative imaging biomarkers. For MRI results to be of greatest benefit to researchers and patients, the results must be accurate and reproducible. Standardization across MRI sites and vendor scanners is essential for comparing results and improving patient outcomes. QalibreMD’s standards have been developed collaboratively with the ISMRM, QIBA/RSNA and NIST to provide a ground truth baseline for measuring quantitative imaging biomarkers.  With a broad range of patented multiparametric parameters traceable to NIST, our standards will deliver rigor and relevance to your medical research and patient care. ​
Recoup Fitness creates innovative recovery products trusted by professional athletes without the professional price tag. Their first product is the patented Recoup Cold Roller that helps recover sore muscles and painful injuries. Simply place the ball in the freezer for two hours and enjoy up to six hours of cold massage. Their 2-in-1 design philosophy sets us apart, which is why Olympic medalists, world cup soccer players and seven NFL teams are already customers.
Retrolux (A Boise Angel Alliance Syndication Company) is transforming the delivery of energy efficiency & IoT products in commercial & industrial buildings by connecting vendors & buyers in the first dedicated online marketplace for energy efficiency & IoT products. We provide a cloud, mobile software platform featuring an online ecosystem & productivity tools to increase sales & delight customers.
Revolar is the latest innovation in wearables. Unlike wearables that track steps or sleep, Revolar’s only job is to keep users safe. If a Revolar user is ever in danger, they simply press the button on their Revolar device and an alert message with their real time location information is sent to their preset emergency contacts. This location information is updated every 30 seconds, allowing our users’ emergency contacts to get them help quickly.
Sawatch brings data science to the fleet, helping stakeholders make data-driven decisions. Fleets around the world use telematics to manage their operations, but that data is underutilized. Our approach brings the power of machine learning and data science techniques to the industry, and generates consultative, natural language reporting, at a fraction of the cost and time.
Yoee Baby With long careers in product innovation and development, the Yoee Baby team have uncovered consumer demand for play with an infant in the earliest weeks and months. Leveraging the latest brain science, Yoee Baby’s first product line combines the best of a plush, rattle, teether and sensory tool into the ultimate toy for baby, without lights or batteries. Yoee Baby naturally engages babies in playful interactions that create the early bonds that new parents are looking for. Yoee Baby was the most-funded baby toy in Kickstarter history and within a year of launch is in 300 retail stores nationwide. The brand promise of “bonding and play from day one” has proven true with 90% 5-star reviews and numerous industry and parenting awards.