Meet the ACS 2017 Companies!


Abom Inc, (A Keiretsu NW Syndication Company) Abom’s active anti-fog technology will not allow fog to survive in military, sports, or industrial protective eyewear – yes a true fog killer! Abom, Inc. is in the business of inventing, producing, licensing, and marketing and selling innovative products. Abom has a growing IP portfolio, with 10 patents granted and 36 pending and selective licenses to third parties, allowing broad application of Abom’s inventions across market segments.
JJ’s Sweets is a company dedicated to offering blissful, better-for-you, mindfully crafted sweets at an affordable price. Our primary brand Cocomels, The Original Coconut Milk Caramels, are available “naked” or covered in chocolate, and are award-winning, USDA organic, Non GMO, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free and “Transcendent” (Oprah Magazine). Distributed nationwide in stores like Whole Foods, Kroger, CVS and many more due to strong demand.
Eximis Surgical was founded by an experienced team of medical device professionals whose mission is to close the loop in minimally invasive surgery. Eximis Surgical has developed Xcor, an enabling technology that allows surgeons to safely and easily remove large specimens through small incisions. We know that the smaller the incision the less risk to the patient – lower risk of infection, less pain, faster recovery , less time in the hospital, lower cost to the health care system, and, most importantly, getting patients back to the lives they love, quicker. With minimally invasive procedures continuing on an upward trajectory, Xcor closes the loop and provide a solution that meets an emerging need. a partner, is a website for ordering food from local restaurants. We are currently the fastest growing online ordering site in 47 states and over 500 cities with offices in Chicago. grew it’s ordering platform by over 800% in 2016 and we have had sustained month over month growth of 38% for the last 7 months. Current run rate is 684K with 57K MRR growing by 38% each month. Projected to hit $1MM run rate in March 2017.
ForestWalk provides users with simple, user-friendly business intelligence information with a focus on emerging markets.Their first product, a location intelligence web-based software called Population Explorer, will be launched for commercial subscriptions in June of this year. In 2016, they pulled 30,000 unique users to the beta application. They are seeking funding to improve their time to market while furthering R&D and marketing.
Jalapeño Inventive connects unique customers and brands seamlessly, prompting engagements and discovery across our network of mobile apps without interrupting users during game-play.
Listen.MD is the first Digital Scribe™. For physicians, who now spend 50% of their time doing data entry into electronic health records systems and only 27% of their time with patients, Listen.MD uses patent-pending artificial intelligence technology to dramatically reduce physician data entry- saving time, improving physician satisfaction, and providing a 10x return on investment.
Neuraptive’s nerve repair system, the AxoFuse system, is a kit combining pharmaceutical agents using a proprietary method and delivery system for use in the operating room. The system induces the fusion of severed axons immediately restoring electrophysiological activity. This prevents natural nerve degeneration. Ultimately AxoFuse is expected to result in rapid recovery to a much higher level of function and sensation than the current standard of care.
Post.Bid.Ship. (An Arizona Tech Investors and Tech Coast Angels Syndication Company) is a web-based software platform that enables transportation providers (known in the industry as “carriers”) to bid on hauling loads of freight posted to our website by shippers of commerical goods. Just like helps hotels sell excess rooms, Post.Bid.Ship. will help carriers sell excess trailer capacity.
Snowvation is a cloud software company whose mission is to make everything at a ski resort, for both the guest and employee, possible from a smartphone. Snowvation has already reimagined the ski experience at 6 resorts including 3 in the U.S., 2 in Japan and 1 in China with almost $100k in 2016 sales. Snowvation is raising a $500k round to scale its product to 25+ resorts globally over the next 12 months.
Solo-Dex provides a Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block (CPNB) for the inexperienced operator, this procedure typically takes 45-60 min. Due to these difficulties, CPNB catheters have never become popular. The Solo-Dex patented, FDA cleared and CE Marked system allows physician to place the CPNB catheter in less than 5 minutes.
Stackup: We are empowering digital learning with a tool that quantifies all your reading online. StackUp securely measures your time learning at every website and then automatically scores and categorizes that time into 60 subject areas – from Aerospace to Zoology. StackUp is a Denver based company, working to modernize the way people account for their online learning. StackUp is being used in a many different ways to help teachers, life learners, students, score keepers, and job seekers take advantage of the 800 million websites that you can learn at.
Symbia Allergy Solutions streamlines the allergy-care process through the allergy-care platform, allergy skin test kits, allergy-pharmacy services and patient-marketing tools for our client practices.
TekDry:Every day people all over the world get their phone wet and become disconnected from their family & friends. TekDry’s patented process can safely and quickly dry out and rescue their phone (or tablet, laptop) and its data in 30 minutes. We are now in over 600 retail locations nationwide, including Staples. In addition, TekDry’s patented technology has applications beyond consumer electronics, in medicine, circuit board manufacture, and food tech.
Trendly is pioneering the relationship between people and brands through influencer marketing and social commerce. Now it’s easier than ever for brands to manage relationships with influencers, secure marketing content, and create a unique and targeted shopping experience through community-driven content.