Meet the companies that will be pitching at ACS 2016!



30dB-Logo-Alpha 30dB is opinion search. 30dB’s proprietary engine delivers analyzed, aggregate public opinion on any topic of interest from our real time analysis of social media. Initially focusing on social media, 30dB intends to become a single source for online opinion information. In this respect 30dB is Google for opinions, however, 30dB results are also ideally suited as ad content sold into the $21 billion native advertising industry.
caliberux Caliber UX is a customer insights platform for B2B companies. Unlike existing customer experience management solutions, Caliber combines quantitative data with qualitative research to help companies fully engage customers and achieve long-term growth. Our first solution, currently in beta with Citrix & integrates with Salesforce to help B2B marketers develop effective buyer personas that improve content marketing and increase sales pipeline.
CereScan_Logo_R_Full-Color CereScan provides the most advanced, comprehensive brain diagnostic data available anywhere in order to significantly inform diagnoses, improve patient outcomes, advance neuroscience, and reduce healthcare costs. Their neuroanalytics give medical providers critical data that changes the way they treat patients with brain disorders.
EcoPesticides-RGB EcoPesticides International, Inc. (EPI) is developing a biologically based, environmentally-friendly pesticide utilizing biopolymer microencapsulation of bacteria/fungi, which are pathogenic and highly specific to the target pest species they are intended to treat. The use of naturally occurring biopesticides has been limited due to rapid degradation in UV light and high heat. EcoPesticides’ encapsulation method and formulation alleviates the deleterious effects of environmental factors in an ecofriendly manner using biologically derived polymers and organic ingredients.
A New Mexico Angels company
MoneyCarta MoneyCarta provides users with a means to holistically manage their finances. They know exactly where their finances stand with their MoreScore, a proprietary algorithm that boils their complete financial picture down to a single number. The app then generates advice specific to their situation so they know what can be done to improve. Everything ties together, everything is in focus. For the first time, everyone can participate.
mtusker mTusker is a Comprehensive SaaS ERP platform for B2B Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and “Telco Channel” Agencies. mTusker will begin a market expansion in Fall 2016 into select vertical SMB markets to sell ERP solutions to “ERP under-served” SMB businesses by leveraging customer/partner MSPs and Agencies as indirect sales channel partners.
Neat Capital Neat Capital is a marketplace morgage lender that will deliver a faster, cleaner, and more efficient online mortgage experience and provide an efficient marketplace lending platform to connect investors directly to borrowers. By bringing innovations to improve the value delivered to borrowers and investors, Neat Capital can become a leading lender in the industry.
Omny IQ Omny IQ is transforming the trillion-dollar electronics industry by delivering flawless connected experiences for massive IOT adoption. Omny IQ provides responsive diagnostics, visualization, and self-healing software as a service (SaaS) to manufacturers of connected devices and IOT to improve customer experience, optimize performance and reliability, gain insight, and reduce support costs and returns.
A Sierra Angels company
Play-It-Health Play-it Health designs versatile, comprehensive adherence solutions that respond directly to the needs of patients, family members, and health care providers. Play-it Health recognizes that the medical sector not only needs solutions that are effective in engaging patients, but solutions that provide clinicians with the assimilated adherence data they need to effectively treat patients. We have created the most actionable engagement index on the market and are using this in a fashion that will improve communication across the health care spectrum and allow workflows to be streamlined to improve care and cost savings.
Purewater Therapeutics Purewater Therapeutics is developing water purification technology and products for dialysis that slash costs by 80% and increasing the providers margin on the treatment by 24%. The $3B global market for dialysis fluids is fed entirely by bagged fluids which are costly, require shipping from central plants, and take up a significant amount of space in the patients’ homes. Purewater’s solution will significantly reduce costs, increase margins for providers, and reduce clutter for patients.
Rock My World is a digital media company capitalizing on the streaming music explosion, a market set to grow from $3.7B to $18B by 2020.
Most streaming music companies focus on trying to replace the radio or on artist discovery. Rock My World is different in that we are hyper-focused on using music for very specific activities in a way that is designed to help people achieve their goals.
Our first service, RockMyRun, has attracted nearly 4M users and is adding 30,000 new users day, or 1 new user every 2.9 seconds. RockMyRun can be accessed via a smartphone app available directly via the App Store and Google Play, as well as embedded in treadmills and other health & fitness apps.
A Tech Coast Angels company
Salutaris Medical Devices SalutarisMD is developing a minimally invasive treatment for Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (Wet AMD), a leading cause of vision loss worldwide.
A Desert Angels and an Arizona Tech Investors company
sqft-logo SQFT is the world’s first commission-free real estate app built to empower sellers, buyers and brokers. SQFT provides high quality leads to independent real estate brokers, and provides sophisticated transaction management software designed to increase deal flow and provide increased transparency to the sales process. For sellers, they are empowered to create a listing on their own time, set their own co-op commission for buyers agents, schedule showings and receive offers directly from potential buyers using only their smartphone, and profit like a pro by paying a simple, flat-fee listing commission.
Swimlane Swimlane is an automated security operations platform that enables organizations to automatically respond to cyber attacks and automate many of the tasks required to protect the enterprise. Swimlane is the glue that brings the people, process and technology together to enable security operations and incident response teams to do more with less.
Unboundly Unboundly is a radically optimized flight search for the 240 million millennials traveling internationally each year. Our search saves 20-90% on flights and includes 2x more carriers (especially low cost carriers in emerging destinations) to enable travelers to experience more for less.
visual4site Visual 4Site is a SaaS company that provides analytics solutions to the retail industry. We bring together disparate data sources to create a solution foundation to make decisions and propel our client’s performance. We have patent-pending technology that presents data in 3D to enable digital marketers to quickly see insights, make decisions, enabling them to exceed revenue targets. The product is in market today with 9 live clients.