Angel Capital Summit 2012 Presenting Companies

The following companies have had their business plans reviewed and screened by an experienced team of business consultants, advisors and investors.   By the time the make their pitch at the Angel Capital Summit, they will have received hours of one-on-one pitch coaching and will have gone through a rigorous pitch practice where they will have input from a group of peers and coaches.

Our goal is to elevate entrepreneur pitches so that investors get the information they need to decide whether they want to continue the conversation.  Pitches are condensed story-telling sessions where entrepreneurs share their passion and excitement, in stories that also explain the market and financial possibilities for the investor.

On March 22 we will have four simultaneous tracks of pitches occurring all day for a total of forty pitches.  You may use these descriptions to decide in advance which pitches you want to attend.

Company Company Overview
9-1-1 Labs, Inc 9-1-1 Labs offers mobile tools to help event managers, first responders, emergency managers, and private security agencies provide better service while improving safety and reducing costs. Using a modular approach and a SaaS delivery model, solutions solve immediate problems and form the foundation for complete product suites for the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Since launch in January 2012, the company has raised 56% of its seed round and secured its first user commitment.
A3 Media Network A3 Media licenses, develops, and distributes digital entertainment. We license and represent 120 clients covering movies/TV, music, sports, comedy, education, and lifestyle.  On their behalf, A3 develops mobile, tablet, and TV products including apps, WAP portals, streaming video, VOD, video/voice/SMS chat, MMS, live wallpapers, themes, wallpapers, and games. In turn, we distribute the products via 130 carriers, device app stores, and web portals throughout North America, Europe, and LATAM.
AYZH Inc AYZH (pronounced ‚Äòeyes‚Äô) is a social venture taking a for-profit approach to developing, commercializing, and scaling low-cost, high quality products that rural women want and need to help improve their standard of livin. In 2010, we launched our first product , JANMA, a “green and clean birth kit” to help rural and semi urban women deliver in a clean women deliver in a clean atmosphere. Wedistribute JANMA through an established network ofpharmacies, clinics, and health centers.
BlogMutt “SOLVE A COMMON PROBLEM IN A UNIQUE WAY” That’s what we do at Blogmutt. The problem is simple: There are something like 10 million business websites, and nearly all of them are starved for fresh, original content. What makes us unique is that we sell a crowdsourced subscription service that businesses come to rely on for original blog posts every single week. Also unique is our crowd of writers: “all blog posts come from freelance writers, every one of them writing on spec.”
CipherPoint Software, Inc. CipherPoint adds enterprise security features to Microsoft SharePoint and Google Docs with mass market pricing. The technology protects against loss or theft of healthcare records, credit card numbers, intellectual property, and other valuable data as a result of mistakes, outside attackers or rogue employees. The company is generating six figure revenues from direct sales and distribution partnerships, including a recent OEM relationship that provides access to 10,000 accounts.
dBMEDx dBMEDx is developing a novel, compact, low-cost, 3D ultrasound scan engine for use in both application specific and general purpose medical imaging applications.  The initial product, an automated bladder volume measurement device, is a product that can prevent catheter associated UTI’s and belongs in every hospital, outpatient surgery center and rehab center worldwide.  Similar devices exist today but cost and ease of use are preventing broader market penetration.
Evicam International, Inc. Evicam® International, Inc. has developed a real time Wireless Mobile Video Security System to protect high-value cargo in transit. The patented system is unique, proven, affordable and effective. Evicam offers the only mobile system providing multi-camera real time video, geo-location plus driver and cargo alarms enabling responders to assess the environment. It also provides driver, vehicle and fleet asset management data. Cargo theft rose by 8.3% in 2011 to a record $37 billion. The FBI states: 63% of cargo thefts are unreported thus theft exceeds $100 billion annually, and cargo theft is directly responsible for increasing consumer prices by 20%
Flow Pay Corporation, Inc FlowPay‚ has developed the first Cloud Payment system called the Giving Management Payment System‚ designed for Non-Profit organizations. It enables donors to use their bankcards or even their cell phones at a physical location, via our website from any mobile location. Our GMPS‚ processes these payments and includes a comprehensive, integrated back-office management and reporting system supporting the requirements of both the receiving organization and individual donors.We are in pilot
greenrx corporation The GreenRx cloud-based pharmaceutical product exchange, the only service of its kind in the marketplace, affords American retailers unprecedented supply chain efficiency and drives end-to-end sustainability throughout the product lifecycle. The result: lower healthcare costs, stronger business operations, healthier communities and a greener planet.
HOMER Energy HOMER (Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewables) is software that helps design and evaluate sustainable, cost-effective lower power solutions. With 70,000 users worldwide, HOMER is a world standard. Originally developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in 2009 the creator of HOMER formed HOMER Energy to commercialize and improve the software in preparation for the anticipated explosion of the global microgrid market, which is now occurring.
JetJaw JetJaw is innovating customer feedback with an exciting mix of mobile & social that gives businesses the control they want. We collect real-time customer feedback for businesses and then activate it. We stimulate positive sharing from happy customers, while unhappy customers are instantly connected with the business for quick resolution. Consumer complaints on social media & online review sites (Yelp & TripAdvisor) are causing the pain point we’re solving. We have revenue & an experienced team.
MenoGeniX, Inc. MenoGeniX is repurposing an FDA-approved biologic drug, referred to as MNGX-100, as a novel, non-hormonal therapy for hot flashes and related symptoms of menopause. The Company is seeking $250,000 in angel funding to obtain additional confirmatory data in a placebo-controlled clinical trial to support the approval of MNGX-100 for this new indication. Once these data are obtained, MenoGeniX will license the rights to market and sell MNGX-100 to an established biotech or pharmaceutical company.
Mosaic Mosaic operates a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that enables businesses to collect, analyze and reduce energy use and carbon emissions, improving profitability and reducing exposure to fossil fuel risk. Companies nationwide waste 10% to 30% of their energy spend each year. Incomplete data is a major factor in addressing this challenge. Mosaic allows organizations to seamlessly integrate energy intelligence into their operations helping them to identify and implement cost savings.
Siva Therapeutics Inc Siva Therapeutics has a safe, effective approach to cancer treatment using nanotechnology to deliver photothermal therapy to solid tumors.  Siva‚Äôs approach uses localized hyperthermic treatment of tumors with targeted gold nanorods – SivaRods‚.  Siva‚Äôs therapy has few side effects and will be more selective than chemotherapy, less destructive than radiation, and without the risks of surgery.  Total financing of $5.5 million, in two tranches, will place Siva in a strong position for acquisition.
Sonopro Power & Light Sonopro is the maker of the Divi Light, a high-quality, portable LED solar lamp offered to customers in the developing world via a simple pay-as-you-go plan.  With a small deposit, a customer can take home a Divi Light and use it immediately.  The light is then paid off by purchasing enablement periods from local shops and neighbors via a short-range wireless system integrated into each lamp.  Divi Light makes clean energy available to all by divvying payments and enabling viral distribution
ST Cardio Technologies ST Cardio Technologies is a medical device manufacturer which develops products for use by Cardiac Electrophysiology Physicians in Electrophysiology Studies and Ablations to diagnose and treat Cardiac Arrhythmias.  The market is rapidly growing, established thus not requiring clinical verification, and viewed as a profit center by hospitals.  ST Cardio has brought to market an Advanced Cardiac Stimulator and is currently developing an ECG Recording System.
Sundolier, Inc. Active Core Daylighting: All humans crave daylight and all architects strive for daylight buildings.  Architects and Lighting Designers say “Sundolier delivers on the promise of daylight”.  Sundolier’s solar platform delivers 100,000 lumens deep into a building at lower cost than atriums & light monitors while increasing usable space.  Daylighting is the only 80+% efficient renewable solar technology.
TeraBAT, Inc. TeraBAT, Inc. has a disruptive platform that detects breath biomarkers to rapidly determine various diseases. Analysis of exhaled breath can be used to detect acute changes in bodily functions such as trauma, disease, and infection. TeraBAT, Inc.’s proprietary platform, termed Electronic Resonance Spectroscopic – Diagnostics (ERS-Dx) based on terawaves technologies, will place today’s laboratory-based diagnostics beside the patient, resulting in positive health and economic outcomes.
U Grok It U Grok It is a consumer oriented passive RFID system that consists of a portable RFID scanner that attaches to smartphones via the audio port, iOS and Android applications, cloud-based back end, development platform and lightweight tags. Our initial application is for consumers to find their misplaced stuff and is aimed at families with children ages 3-12.  From there, we can rapidly develop vertical applications to take U Grok It into multiple markets including SMB and other personal uses.
Ubooly Ubooly is a cuddly plush creature powered by your iPhone or iPod touch.  It uses sophisticated voice recognition software to interact with kids (play games, go on adventures, and tells jokes).  The content is educational but fun and centered around active play and adventure.We deliver monthly content updates and an interactive online experience to keep parents and kids coming back for more.
VetDC, Inc. VetDC is a revolutionary veterinary biotechnology company that licenses innovative, underutilized human biomedical technologies for use in companion animals. By focusing on programs that have already completed preclinical testing, VetDC selects products with only the most desired product profiles – resulting in high probability of success, fast time to market and capital preservation. Our lead program has the potential to launch in two years, achieving $50M in peak annual revenue.
Viktorian Guitars Viktorian manufactures and is first to market 100% composite electric guitars that are ultra-light weight, nearly indestructible and virtually maintenance free.We are high tech manufactures paired with a world class guitar luthier.  We can use composites to enhance virtually any consumer product and we are targeting the tremendous opportunity in enhancing musical instruments with our proprietary technology. Viktorian Guitars has orders needing to be fulfilled and we are ready ramp up.
DailyEndorphin DailyEndorphin offers the most effective and affordable comprehensive wellness solution on the market for small to mid-sized organizations.  By engaging users through a team challenge approach, the Company makes smaller waistlines and bigger bottom lines, with high employee participation.
Fashion Forward Maternity Fashion Forward Maternity is a woman-owned, socially responsible online boutique and community where savvy women can borrow high quality and designer maternity fashions, giving them a wardrobe that changes with their evolving shape, size, and needs, right through nursing.   We then ‚Äúpass it forward‚Äù by donating all retired clothing to women‚Äôs organizations.We are bootstrapped to date and are in early revenue (20K in 2011) with agressive growth plans in market that never goes obsolete.
FasTab FasTab has developed a hybrid software/hardware platform utilizing existing infrastructure to allow bar patrons to open/close tabs without bartender interaction. Software runs on flat-panel monitors mounted on the wall in bars, linking patrons to the existing POS infrastructure. This allows patrons to open and/or close their tab without any bartender interaction. While the product maximizes efficiency, revenue expansion opportunities lie in the platform the product creates.
FrontDoorSoftware Corp FrontDoorSoftware (FDS) delivers a unique, patent-pending, software-based recovery solution for laptop and mobile device users. FDS’s innovative business model converts a user’s boot-up display screen into a laptop recovery solution, and a unique targeted, location-based advertising platform that engages a customer at the ON button! FDS is gaining viral popularity with college students worldwide, and the user base is growing at an accelerated rate, with over one million page views per month.
Grant Dental Technology Corporation Grant Dental Technology Corporation (GDTC) has developed the patented Proximerge implant system for replacing lost molar teeth.  This private, early-stage company located in Colorado Springs is implementing an aggressive high-growth strategy.
Referzo As a Denver-based online retailer, we wanted a simple way to pay customers for referrals. Unsatisfied with what we found, we built our own software solution. The result is Referzo, a web-based marketing tool that gives millions of individual online consumers the opportunity to monetize their social networks seamlessly across all forms of electronic communications including Facebook, Twitter and email. It has been revenue positive for four months and is about to release version 1.5.
CO2Nexus, Inc. CO2Nexus, Inc designs and sells integrated systems (machines, chemistry) that use recycled liquid carbon dioxide to clean and sterilize fabrics and garments.  CO2 is an environmentally benign solvent that leaves no secondary waste and does not pollute soil or groundwater.  We replace water (in select institutional markets),and toxic chemical solvents.  CO2 is already an established and accepted solvent that is heavily favored in select jurisdictions.
Distinctive Brands, Inc. Distinctive Brands, Inc marketers of Wildride Beef Jerky, utilizing a patented tenderization process is in distribution throughout the continental US and AK, seeks $1.5M to grow it’s business into a top 10 Nielson company ($8.1M in Co sales;$13M reported Nielson all category sales). As a top 10 unique brand type we would be an attractive aquisition target. Currently with our developed brand and in  National distribution, with funding we are poitioned to rapidly grow toward an attractive exit
Flex~Film Kinetics Flex~Film Kinetics is a spin-off from the EndoQuest Group of Quest Corp. The EndoQuest Group has been working on a motion system for the active control of imaging during endoscopic procedures. During this time, technologies for low-cost flexible substrate electronics were developed. These have potential beyond endoscopic markets. Flex~Film Kinetics intends to advance the flex-film technologies into industries such as transparent conductive films, immunoassay systems, and solar applications. JobSiteVisitor helps users share construction photos with project team members who can’t get to the job site. The photo hosting service is specifically built around the industry and makes it easy for industry professionals to tag photos to plans and create time lapse slide shows documenting exactly how the project was built.
nuMVC nuMVC‚ patent pending Cloud based Intelligent Content Management Solution (CMS) and Mobile Digital Asset Manager enables novel ways to create, manage, distribute and analyze Digital Content and its performance (i.e. websites, mobile websites, digital files to mobile phones, etc).Our software is targeted to increase efficiencies, enhance productivity & analytics and enable new functionality for marketing departments to interpret and improve ROI on their operations for most any vertical market
Osmosis, LLC Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care is a Colorado company seeking $1M of growth capital. Osmosis manufactures and distributes a professional line of all natural cosmeceutical skin care products domestically and internationally to licensed Estheticians, Dermatologists, and International Distributors. With 5 years of sales 2011 produced $5.3M of revenue, $3.4M (64%) GM and $750K(14%) EBITDA. Osmosis is positioned for significant growth. Osmosis has fifteen patent applications (pending).
Presm Medical Solutions, Inc. Think of Presm as a cloud-based social layer for healthcare that enables secure, timely and relevant information to be shared between medical patients, providers, and the general public in order to achieve improved patient outcomes, cost savings and operational excellence.The product has been built and deployed into a beta environment with a clinic at the University of Colorado. We are raising $1 million through a convertible debt offering that will be used to fund a proper product launch.
Rockit Media LLC Rockit Media LLC is a Colorado based startup that has built a groundbreaking, Customer engagement automation solution (www.Rockit.Me) for small, medium and large businesses. The Rockit.Me solution allows the loyal customers of “Rockit-certified” local businesses to earn exclusive merchant rewards from their favorite Rockit businesses by earning status at their favorites. Businesses benefit by automation of the communication to and 2-way relationships with their best customers.
SiC Systems, Inc. Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a superior semiconductor material for the high frequency, high power and high efficiency electronics found in electric vehicles, solar inverters, cellular communications, radar, and high efficiency LEDs. SiC Systems projects to own 25% of the 2020 projected market of $1B+. Historically, wafer diameter, defect densities and costs have limited SiC adoption. SiC Systems’ transformational patent pending technology solves all of these problems and has the potential to create market opportunity. The Company is seeking $3M to complete a $4M venture led financing round for the product approval phase of our go to market strategy.
Tunomi Unlimited Incorporated The creator of the modern singles industry is creating the first online relationship service for couples, after spending his own money in years of R&D.  He proved that it‚Äôs far easier for singles to meet, than it is for them to stay happily together as couples.  He realized that the real growth is in the much larger and in-pain Couples Market.  Thus, he assembled a team of industry experts to create the world’s first relationship brand for couples, and exit within two years.
Vim Funding Vim Funding helps startups and small businesses successfully navigate the confusing world of fundraising via our expert educational tools, a directory of vetted funding resources, and our own world-class Investment Crowdfunding platform.We will be the first company in the U.S. to allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to legally raise up to $1,000,000 from the general public, including unaccredited investors, and with legal general solicitation, via our FundingLaunchpad platform.
Waste Farmers Macro: Waste Farmers is a sustainable agriculture company creating products that help the world meet current and future food demands, while decreasing agriculture‚Äôs environmental footprint.  Micro: We are trying to raise $150k-$350k to scale our “Microbe Brewery”(soil microbes, living soils) production capacity to further establish our market position as a craft manufacturer and marketer of organic soil mixes and plant foods to support organic urban rural farmers, gardening enthusiasts.