Meet the Angel Capital Summit 2021 Speakers


Angel Capital Summit 2021 Keynote Speakers

Marcia Dawood, Future Chair of the Board at the Angel Capital Association (ACA)

Marcia Dawood is an investor in over 100 early stage private companies. She is a Venture Partner with Mindshift Capital and a part of the investment committee for Next Wave Impact Fund. Previously, she was the COO of Portfolia (one of her portfolio companies) as well as a managing partner at BlueTree Capital Group where she was responsible for investment strategy, diligence research and member education. She was also a member of Golden Seeds in NYC and Dallas. She is a strategic advisor to Misfits Bakehouse and a board member for Zive Inc.

She currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of the Angel Capital Association (ACA) with a co-chair position on the membership and marketing committee. She will become Chair of the Board in July 2021. Marcia also is a founding member and current chair of the Growing Women’s Capital group building syndication and collaboration among US investment groups focused on women-led companies.




Juliana Garaizar, President of the Business Angel Minority Association (baMa)

Juliana is a Board Member of the Angel Capital Association, a Lead Investor of the Portfolia Rising America Fund, Consumer Fund and Rising Tide Fund and the Launch Director for Greentown Labs Houston. Juliana is the President of the Business Angel Minority Association and an Advisory Board Member of the Cougar Venture Fund and the Houston Diversity Fund. Julia was the Director of the Texas Medical Center Venture Fund and the Managing Director of the Houston Angel Network. Juliana is also a Kauffman Fellow in Class 20, a prestigious two-year, Silicon Valley-based leadership program for venture capitalists. More than 470 Kauffman Fellows have    collectively deployed nearly $200B  in  capital  and  created more than 750,000  jobs  worldwide.

Juliana was the Manager of the Sophia Business Angels network in the French Riviera (EBAN’s Best European Angel Network in 2010) and of Antipolis Innovation Campus, as well as Project Manager of several International Projects funded by the European Commission. Previously, Juliana worked for 5 years in Singapore: first as an International Trade Consultant for the Trade Commission of Spain in a broad range of industry sectors and then as a Project Manager for the Asia Technology Office of Citigroup, leading projects at international level.Juliana obtained an MBA at the London Business School, specializing in Entrepreneurship.. She is President of one of Sophia Business Angels sidecar funds SBA ISF Holding and Expert Committee Member of Success Europe (EBAN’s Best European Early Stage Fund 2010), a member of the UT Horizons Fund External Advisory Committee as well as an International Founding Member of Istanbul’s Galata Business Angels. Juliana has been recently honored with the Strathmore’s Who is Who Professional of the Year 2015 award in Financial Consulting and Investments.

Avlok Kohli, CEO of AngelList Venture

Avlok Kohli is the CEO of AngelList Venture which has facilitated the funding of over 5,000 startups including 47 unicorns and is home to 4,300 funds and syndicates with $2.2B in assets under management.

Avlok is also an angel investor and has made personal investments in more than 25 companies. Prior to AngelList Venture, Avlok built and sold two companies. His first company, FastBite, provided food delivery in an average of 7 minutes and was acquired by Square in 2015. His second company, Fairy, provided high frequency house-cleaning and was also acquired. AngelList Venture has facilitated the funding of over 5,000 startups including 47 unicorns. It is home to 4,300 funds and syndicates with $2.2B in assets under management. This year, AngelList Venture launched Rolling Funds, a new kind of venture fund which is poised to have a significant impact on the future of early-stage venture. Avlok recently launched his own rolling fund, Avlok Capital.