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Conference Gold Sponsor:

CBIZ MHM, LLC is a leading provider of professional business services, including accounting and tax, and a wide range of consulting services. We provide our clients with access to extensive national resources, uniquely combined with local decision-making and quality control by experienced Colorado-based professionals. Beyond traditional accounting and tax services, we focus on strategic business planning and financial advisory services to help our clients develop the foundation for a successful business and to support them through the life cycle of their growth and development.

CBIZ MHM is associated with Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.*, a national, independent CPA firm. Through this association, we offer audit and attest services. Together, CBIZ and MHM rank as one of the Top Ten accounting providers in the US.

Contact:Tim Woods, twoods@cbiz.com


Yearly Gold Sponsor:

Thrive is an innovative and dynamic coworking space with two locations in Cherry Creek North and Ballpark. Coworking is a style of work that involves various businesses and independent workers who use a variety of workspaces, both shared and private, to collaborate, work, and grow their companies. Thrive provides a range of workspace options, conference and training rooms, and hosts various events for members and nonmembers alike.

Come in for a tour, work for the day, and see what Thrive can do for you!

Contact: info@businessatthrive.com


Table Sponsor:

HASHOFF is a social influencer marketing company that generates instant, contextual audiences via the #hashtag.
Hashtags represent a social currency for self expression and categorizing content that is being created across social platforms. Our data allows brands access to their most coveted consumer an influencer, a category expert with a significant following.

Learn More At: www.hashoff.com


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LucidMood moves cannabis into a new direction. By combining pure THC with pure CBD, the LucidMood Base enlivens the senses without precipitating the memory-eroding, dissonant “stoned” feelings that so many people dislike. Consumers then can add one or more Moods – terpenes that persuade the brain to embrace different moods and feelings, such as Relaxation, Contentment, and Motivation.

Learn More At: lucidmood.net


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New Direction IRA employs over 70 employees and holds close to 1.1 billion dollars in IRA assets under administration. One of the founding principles of New Direction IRA, Inc. is to bring information about self-directed IRA investing out of obscurity and into the arena of common knowledge. New Direction employs an education-based business model with the goal of making the details of self-directed IRA investing transparent and accessible.

In addition to our industry-best educational webinars, specialized videos, and cutting-edge blogs and articles, New Direction provides live presentations for investors of all asset markets, and offers continuing education courses for CPAs, attorneys, and real estate professionals. We pride ourselves in consistently being a leading provider of self-directed IRA education and administrative services. We believe in empowering our clients with the education they need to confidently make knowledgeable investment decisions for their individual retirement account.

Learn More At: www.newdirectionira.com


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ProSeeder Technologies offers financial firms a fully integrated, yet highly configurable cloud-based platform to manage their private funding opportunities and investments. With a passion for innovation and collaboration, we created ProSeeder to help clients maximize their operational efficiency and provide a detailed audit trail for compliance and reporting. Our robust collaboration platform is also designed to scale with our clients’ growing investment reach – whether it’s bringing in more accredited investors, vetting more investment opportunities or growing globally.

Learn More At: www.proseeder.com


Learn More About Sponsoring ACS 2016