University Start uo Challenge

Meet the Companies Pitching at USC 2016

Company Description School
IMG_2133 Bahuka provides a service for college students to select courses and match with instructors based on their personal learning styles and their instructor’s teaching styles. Bahuka’s mission is to simplify and enrich the college experience while adding value and practicality for both students and universities. LogoImage.aspx_
IgnoreU2 (1) IgnoreU is a spam filter for your Twitter feed. We give each user a customized Twitter experience by removing what they wish to ignore. IgnoreU is currently a third-party Twitter application that allows users to filter tweets by their content, so that users can customize their news without having to sacrifice who they follow. csu-logo
Narrativ_Narrativ Logo Large Narrativ is a mobile application that is crowdsourcing creativity in order to bring users together to engage in a collaborative storytelling experience. Traditionally, writing has been a very linear, serial experience, moving the user from beginning to end without allowing them autonomy or the power of choice. Narrativ is here to change that, by creating parallel and concurrent storylines, allowing users to swipe between different takes on the same story. uccs
Neonic Logo-01 Neonic was founded on the philosophy that the phones in our pockets will be the hardware systems that bring the internet of things to the majority consumer. An important part of the development of mobile IOT is the ability for devices to understand relative positioning, and to send messages between devices in the backend instantly. We are developing a very literal and visual representation of this technology by taking advantage of the fact that people have forever held their phones or lighters above their heads at concerts. We are using bluetooth to turn these phones into pixels in an audience sized screen that can become a brand new medium for artists to use as a canvas of light and people! The crowd-sized screen can be used to create experiences that bring the audience closer to the performer and coordinate a crowd-sourced lightshow with music. Colorado-College-Logo-2016
 Viper_Irrigation_Technology01 In order to farm deciduous crops in arid climates the application of water to soil is required; however, not all water applied to the soil is utilized, resulting in the inefficient and wasteful use of a precious and scarce commodity. Viper Irrigation Technology is a revolutionary irrigation technique that will enable farmers of high value permanent crops such as almonds, citrus and wine grapes to produce an annual crop with reduced water, fertilizer and pesticide inputs. To accomplish this, Viper Irrigation bypasses traditional application of water and nutrients to the soil by directly injecting into the vascular system of the plant. 3pr1czgf0mqhfdqfv1mqrvfiq
Snuffi_Final Logo Every 35 seconds there is a candle fire reported in the United States which annually results in over $400 million in property damage, 950 injuries, and 120 fatalities. The solution to this is the Snuffi candle. The Snuffi is a stackable, segmented pillar candle that allows for the flame to automatically self-extinguish after one, two, or three hours- depending on the segment size. Not only are consumers getting great peace of mind, they are also getting a customizable experience in which each segment can have its own color, fragrance, and burn time. photo.jpg
Surya Logo Surya Conversions builds hybrid conversion kits for auto rickshaws in developing countries, to reduce pollution in these countries and save drivers money on gasoline.We are initiating our efforts in India. The benefits of the kits are multifold. Drivers will get to put money back into their pockets to support their families, and pollution will be decreased. Additionally, with a kit, the drivers will not have to entirely replace the vehicles they currently drive, and can instead simply attach the kit to their vehicles to see instant fuel savings. This, along with the fact that kits will be sold to rickshaw aggregators and the government to alleviate rickshaw drivers of the cost burden, will make clean energy transportation far more accessible to these individuals. Finally, with the patented design that we engineered, the kits will be easily installable for anyone with a basic working knowledge of their rickshaw. Our company focuses on simple, inexpensive, profitable, and life-changing technology. With its collective experience, passion, and drive, Surya Conversions knows that it can make the changes in the world that we want to see: committed support for those in the lowest rungs of society, and a cleaner earth. boulder

The opportunity:

  • Chance to pitch to real investors
  • “Pitch mentors” to work with each team help refine your presentation
  • Feedback from a panel of judges specifically for the University Startup Challenge
  • Great opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs, investors, and community leaders

On stage, during the conference, alongside other startupsThe pitch:

  • 5 minute presentation
  • 5 minutes for Q&A, feedback from judges

University of Denver, March 14, 2016 3:30-5:00 PM

Student entrepreneurs are eligible for real money! This isn’t your typical college business plan competition. This is the real deal – VC’s, angel investors and all. If your startup needs real money to grow, you’ll be able to fundraise just like the startups that go through the Rockies Venture Club screening process.

There will also be a winner among the students, decided by a panel of judges specifically for this part of the conference.

Any questions, email Normal conference registration (with student discounts) can be found here.