University Startup Challenge

Meet the Companies Pitching at USC 2017

Company Description School
FlyPhone’s drone turns your phone into a personal cameraman. By leveraging the power of your smartphone, our purpose-built tracking software and drone body capture HD video from a more natural distance than a selfie stick, while affording a more intimate shot than any other drone on the market.
Halo is a mobile search engine application that uses location-based augmented reality technology. The application will provide users with real-time information and allow them to filter searches within a desired radius using their smartphones’ GPS capabilities. Similar to Pokémon Go, Halo will display digital icons called HaloBoards, which will appear as you shop. These HaloBoards can then be selected to provide business’ information, to include websites, social media pages, and special promotions. No more refreshing your page, going app to app, and stopping to search through your phone. You can now access a world full of deals and promotions. Let Halo change your perspective and help you “Experience a New World.” Air Force Academy
Pocket Change HydroWave Express Car Wash aims to enhance the consumer perception of the car wash industry by immersing customers in a sensory-stimulating car wash experience that feels more like a Disney ride than a car wash. By significantly improving the customer experience, HydroWave Express will attract new customers, increase customer frequency, and drive higher ticket averages.”
PocketChange is a revolutionary new venture that combines tiny donations ($0.25-$2.00) with huge positive impacts. We pair micro donations to the world’s most impactful charities with massively viral social media content to give everyone an affordable and instantaneous way to make a difference.
Tersa Inc. is developing the first wall-mounted, sustainable clothing care system for travelers. Our automated garment steamer is easily mounted to any wall in any hotel room, enhancing traveler’s in-room experience and elevating pains from wrinkled, smelly, or just in-between clothing. Tersa Inc. makes in-room clothing care easy so travelers can focus on the important things in life.

The opportunity:

  • Chance to pitch to real investors
  • “Pitch mentors” to work with each team help refine your presentation
  • Feedback from a panel of judges specifically for the University Startup Challenge
  • Great opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs, investors, and community leaders

On stage, during the conference, alongside other startupsThe pitch:

  • 5 minute presentation
  • 5 minutes for Q&A, feedback from judges

University of Denver, March 21, 2017 3:30-5:00 PM

Student entrepreneurs are eligible for real money! This isn’t your typical college business plan competition. This is the real deal – VC’s, angel investors and all. If your startup needs real money to grow, you’ll be able to fundraise just like the startups that go through the Rockies Venture Club screening process.

There will also be a winner among the students, decided by a panel of judges specifically for this part of the conference.

Any questions, email Normal conference registration (with student discounts) can be found here.